Committed to the well-being of our staff and our planet

Theodore Alexander has made a social commitment to all employees. Social responsibility means creating a sustainable environment for our staff who are at the heart of the company and our products:

  • We provide salary and benefit payments to staff that satisfy all legal requirements and are in fair alignment with local market rates.
  • We insist our subcontractors follow and meet all the same legal requirements.

Further to this, Theodore Alexander will not knowingly purchase material from any supplier that cannot demonstrate legality in its operations.

Theodore Alexander takes responsibility for its activities and their effect on the environment. Our policies and practices were consciously developed to maximize sustainability and to minimize any negative impact on the planet's natural resources.

We first and foremost develop products that possess timeless styles and are hand crafted to the highest standards of quality. Products developed to these standards will survive the tests of time and be enjoyed for many generations. It is a fact that the longevity of a product is inversely proportional to the impact on the environment and therefore contributes toward sustainability.

We comply with all environmental and social requirements of our partner bank, The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a division of the World Bank. Their strict monitoring of our activities gives us regulation and guidance in being good stewards of the environment.

In addition we adhere to the following policies and practices that promote environmental responsibility:

  • All wood and wood materials are from environmentally responsible suppliers who obtain these materials from forests having high conservation values and are legally harvested.
  • We know where our wood and wood materials are coming from and that they are being sourced from suppliers who operate ethical and sustainable practices.
  • We recycle our wood waste products and any other materials which are recyclable.
  • All finishing materials are from suppliers who have committed to sustainability and bio-diversity.
  • Our corrugated cardboard for packaging is made with 60% recycled fibre as certified by SGS certifying agency.

We recognize that any company using the natural resources of this planet must be accountable that those resources are used wisely, conservatively and with as little waste and disruption to the environment as possible. Our management, employees and suppliers are accountable to these objectives.